Over 100,000 students have participated in the Oak Glen outdoor education program since its inception in 2002. Located in Oak Glen, nestled within the San Bernardino Mountains, this free program takes place on a two-mile nature trail on the Oak Glen Preserve. This trail meanders through an evergreen forest, past ponds that host migratory ducks in winter, and under a canopy of a deciduous black oak forest that opens onto a south-facing chaparral hillside. The return trail follows a willow shaded stream onto a boardwalk that is the home to a variety of butterflies when the wetlands are in bloom. Children will experience, within a small geographic area, ecosystems that were previously unknown to them.

The Outdoor Discovery Program is a five hour nature adventure field trip, at which each child will have a chance to learn, explore, and gain a new respect for nature while having fun.

Quality outdoor education experiences are offered with hands-on group activities for grades three through six. Below is a listing of a few of our activities used to achieve a range of learning outcomes closely related to the California Content Standards.


Second Grade Program

Students learn about seed dispersal methods through various hands-on lab experiments. Students also observe different animal skins and animal prints and how these are used for the animals’ survival. Other activities include entertaining wildlife games, a take-home craft, and a scavenger hunt on our various trails throughout the Preserve.


Third Grade Program
Students learn about metamorphosis and some of the insects and amphibians that go through the process. Students also learn about the water cycle while engaged in a hands-on activity. Other activities include discussing animal adaptations, exploring animal senses and participating in a creative team-building activity relating to animal adaptations.

Fourth Grade Program
Students learn about how erosion changes the land through natural processes and human activities. Students also learn how fossils are formed and create their own model to take home. Using handheld microscopes, students work in teams to discuss and deduce what different natural items they observe. Students also learn about the history of our local Native American tribe, the Serrano Indians, and learn to appreciate their traditions through a variety of activities such as acorn grinding.

Fifth Grade Program
Using the scientific method, students perform an experiment analyzing the water quality in the Frog Ponds. Students will use handheld microscopes to learn about seed dispersal methods in a hands-on scientific experiment. Students also learn about producers, consumers, and decomposers and how they contribute to the energy pyramid.


Sixth Grade Program

Available for Limited Dates October through mid-March
This program is an introduction to orienteering and topographic mapping. Students learn about topographic maps and design their own three-dimensional map. They will test their skills with a challenging mapping exercise. Students will also learn about respecting nature by “Leaving No Trace,” and how to be prepared for any wilderness explorations.


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For more information about TWC's Outdoor Education Programs at the Oak Glen Preserve, please contact:

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